Slip Testing in Birmingham

Surface Performance LTD is the UK’s leading independent slip testing service provider. If you are in Birmingham or the West Midlands and require pendulum slip testing on any flooring type please use the contact form below. Our Birmingham based slip resistance testing and floor specialists can identify the slip resistance characteristics of all types of surfacing and flooring in Birmingham.

Our pendulum slip test machine can be used in Birmingham in line with BS 7976 standard requirements and as per the slip resistance UK group guidelines. We take the average of the pendulum test value and carry out testing in both dry and wet conditions in Birmingham. The rubber test soles are pre conditioned so that the slip testing results can identify the resistance and coefficient characteristics of flooring in Birmingham.

Our friendly Birmingham slip testing experts are always on hand to offer impartial advice and information on slip and skid resistance testing. You can call our floor slip head office on 0208 2465562 or browse our website for more information on slip testing in Birmingham or anywhere else in The Midlands.

Surface Performance Ltd is The UK’s premier slip testing laboratory that offers laboratory testing in our temperature and humidity controlled lab or on site slip testing in Birmingham.