Slip Testing in Leeds

We carry out more slip tests in Leeds than any other company in The UK.

We are the first choice for pendulum slip testing in Leeds due to our experienced skid testing operators who can test the slip characteristics of any type of surface or flooring. Slip testing in Leeds can be carried out in any type of location from inside a school classroom to an airport runway. The test was originally designed to test the skid properties of roadways in the 1970’s however it is now the best test method that is recognised by The UK Health & Safety Executive to test floor areas for slip resistance in Leeds.

All of our pendulum skid testing machines that we use in Leeds can be used to determine if floors represent a low, medium or high risk of slip potential. The pendulum test value result is correlated to best describe exactly how safe flooring in Leeds can be. The equipment is UKAS calibrated and the rubber sliders (4S, Slider 96 or CEN) are changed prior to every test in Leeds. We also verify our pendulum slip test machine prior to every site that we test in Leeds to ensure that the test results are accurate. We also provide a micro roughness testing service in Leeds that supplements any slip testing that takes place.

Did you know that we also have one of the best slip testing laboratories in The UK which is temperature and humidity controlled? If you are based in Leeds and would like a floor sample tested then you are able to courier it to our laboratory to be slip tested under controlled environmental conditions. This is useful if you have to provide clients with a product specification for tiles or other types of flooring.

If you would like more information on slip testing in Leeds then please contact our head office using the contact form below and our slip testing experts will be happy to assist.