Pendulum Slip Resistance Testing Information For New Testers

Understanding Slip Resistance Testing

Slip resistance testing is still a new topic to most people. People do not know that they walk upon floors that have undergone several tests to make sure that they are safe for them to walk upon. In this article, you will get t see the different slip resistance tests that are commonly used to ensure that floors are safe for pedestrians.

The types of slip resistance tests:

  • Wet pendulum slip resistance test
  • Dry floor friction slip resistance test
  • Wet barefoot slip resistance test
  • Oil wet ramp slip resistance test

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Polished concrete contractors – Slip testing is a must

Polished concrete contractors and designers have a responsibility to ensure that the floors that they design and lay are safe for people to walk upon. Slip testing of these floors is a must. There has been an issue about the standard slip test for polished concrete, but now there is good news – There is a test that can be used to measure the slip risk of these floors. This method has been accepted by the industry and protects contactors from slip accident litigation. Read more


Accident Legal Suit – How a slip testing expert comes in

Whenever a slip accident suit is taken to court, an independent and true assessment of the floor and other factors has to be done by a slip testing expert. This expert is experienced in all matters related to slip resistance of a floor and will be able to give expert witness testimony in court, showing why and how the accident happen, so the court can decide on who is liable for the accident. We have experts who are available to give such expert testimony in an unbiased and professional manner. We also provide a CPR compliant report, which can be used by either party in their arguments. Read more


Onsite Slip Testing VS Lab Slip Testing

In practice, you will always find that there is a discrepancy between the slip resistance testing results that are found in the lab, and those that are found on site. Mostly, it is found that flooring materials or tiles have a lower slip resistance when they have been installed, when compared to that which they had when they were tested in the lab. There are several factors that lend themselves to this discrepancy, such that the results of a wet pendulum test done onsite will be different from that done in the lab. Read more