Slip Testing in Chelmsford

Surface Performance LTD is the UK’s leading independent slip testing service provider in Chelmsford. Using the latest calibrated pendulum slip testing equipment we can perform high quality slip tests on any flooring type within the Chelmsford area. The Health & Safety Executive have a published document that outlines the requirements for slip resistance when tested using a pendulum skid tested in line with BS 7976-2 and BS 23036-4.Our slip test machine operators are able to carry out testing of all types of flooring in Chelmsford. The types of flooring that can be assessed and tested for slip resistance in Chelmsford include; school corridors, restaurant kitchen floor slip tests in Chelmsford, office slip tests in Chelmsford and slip testing to playgrounds and tennis courts in Chelmsford.

It is important that if you are an employer in Chelmsford that you flooring does not fall into the “high risk of slip” category when tested in line with HSE requirements. Any floor that achieve a pendulum test value of less than 25 will be classed as “high slip potential”. The slip resistance machine is always checked and validated on reference samples that obtain a known result prior to testing in Chelmsford.

Surface Performance Ltd are the only slip-testing company that use a new rubber slider for every job that we attend. This means that you can have complete faith in our slip testing results if you have a test carried out in Chelmsford. Information on the different types of rubber sliders used for pendulum slip testing in Chelmsford can be found here;

If you are in Chelmsford, Essex or East London and would like to know more about skid testing please use our contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can. You can also find out more information on exactly how we perform the slip resistance tests in St Albans by watching this video;