Important Tips Healthcare Facilities To Avoid Slip And Trip Hazard

We all look up to healthcare professionals as semi-Gods. Well, let us be honest, medicine practice is the only profession that is titled as “The Noble Profession”. However, if you look a bit closely, the pressure of the emergency services, super stiff competition to be perfect, to keep up with peer pressure and above all to provide the finest healthcare services to the patients come what may, all put together is part of everyday life of a healthcare service provider. Just a thought of all these put together makes my head spin. Imagine living like that day in and day out. Read more

The places that must be secured with an anti Slip Rating

The Places That Must Be Secured With An Anti Slip Rating

I guess on a jinxed day, the slip and trip accident can occur just anywhere.  Well, then I felt a strong urge to understand “Where do most slip and fall accidents take place?”  The reason why I wanted to understand the venues where such accidents take place is obviously to warn our readers to be a bit extra cautious at such places. Moreover, I was wondering which of these premises can be made safer or would have anti slip rating. Read more