HSE pendulum slip testing in schools and universities

A pendulum slip resistance test being carried out at a school in London by Surface Performance Ltd.

A pendulum slip resistance test being carried out at a school in London by Surface Performance Ltd.

Surface Performance Ltd carry out pendulum slip resistance testing at schools and universities throughout The UK. Testing is carried out in accordance with The HSE guidelines for slip resistance and ascertains if the surfacing is safe for use through a low / medium / high risk classification.

Slip testing at schools is important in order to ensure that children are safe in areas such as corridors, playgrounds and other sports areas. Slip testing takes around two hours to complete and the school is then sent a formal PDF slip resistance test report.

For further information about slip resistance testing and pendulum slip testing in schools then please contact us.


Tile / flooring slip resistance independent testing (HSE pendulum slip testing)

Surface Performance offer a full laboratory slip testing services to manufacturers of tiles and other surfacing products.

Tiles can be tested for slip resistance in the Surface Performance Ltd accredited laboratory in order to ascertain their slip resistance performance values. Slip testing is performed in both dry and wet conditions in three slip test pendulum swing directions. The test results are then used to produce a slip resistance test report specifically for your tile or surfacing product that demonstrates that the product meets HSE guidelines.

The process is very simple, a small sample of the tile should be delivered to our pendulum slip testing laboratory and clearly identified with your company name. After the tile is booked into the laboratory then one of our qualified slip testing engineers will perform the pendulum slip test to the tile in our temperature and humidity controlled area. A test report will then be issued and we will also be happy to discuss slip testing results for tiles over the telephone should you require further advice.

Slip resistance testing performed in the laboratory to samples of bathroom flooring tiles.

Slip resistance testing performed in the laboratory to samples of bathroom flooring tiles.

If you would like to book a tile into our laboratory for slip resistance testing then please contact us and we will be happy to help. The Surface Performance laboratory phone number is 0208 2465562.





Pendulum UK

What is the pendulum test

Many people have heard of the Pendulum Test, but do not know what it is. For contractors, architects and other building expert, this is a test that is only known to well. However, the pendulum test is actually a way of measuring the slipperiness of any floor.

Yes, most of the floors that you walk upon when you are at the mall, at your train station, or any office building have to be tested for slipperiness. This was found to be necessary after many people feel and got serious injuries that left them with huge hospital bills and some could not even go back to work due to the injuries. The law then deems the owner, contractors, manager and others liable for the injuries caused and offers high compensation to the victims.

With slip testing, or using the pendulum test, both the people owning or managing buildings, and innocent passers are protected from any harm. The pendulum test is done in a manner that allows the machine to detect how slippery a floor is. If it passes the test, then the floor is deemed to be safe for foot traffic. If it is not safe, then something must be done to ensure that the floor does not cause any injury or subsequent lawsuits.

Not many people know this, but a pendulum test is one of the best ways of telling how slippery a floor is. It is done on the site and therefore mimics the actual motions that passing foot traffic would have. There are other tests, which are done in the lab, but their results are according to lab results.

When people have to go through litigation for an injury, the pendulum test is relied upon as the nearest to the norm. Any of the parties can ask for an expert opinion on a pendulum test. The building owner might want to prove that the floor was safe, or the victim may try to prove the floor was not. Any pendulum test results done in the past will also be important in this case.

The pendulum test involves using a boot which is then pushed across and the results from the pendulum show just how slippery a floor was. Oddly enough, the test was first developed to test the slipperiness of roads just go avoid accidents. Now it is being used to test just how slippery any floor is.

The pendulum test can be dome on any floor. It is not restricted to office floors or those of big malls. For your own safety, if you have slippery floors at hose, you should have the pendulum test done, so you are sure that you and your family are safe. There are several remedies that can be done to ensure that floors are safe, but these are best applied after the test has been done. Call us now and we shall give you the best pendulum test interpretation, and then give you recommendations should you need to change the slipperiness of your floors.

Have you experienced slipping in your bathtub or flooring and broke your arm

Have you experienced slipping in your bathtub or flooring and broke your arm

 A Few Basic Facts About Pendulum Slip Resistance Testing

Did you ever consider that missing “anti slip rating” is as good as providing a resource to slip and fall?

One of the utmost common accidents that happen all over the world are slip, trip and fall accidents. Since they are so usual, what we assume it “its common”. However, what we need to understand is that it is the deficient anti-slip treatment that has lead to the slip and fall accident. Obviously and always negligence leads to trouble. It is important to learn from others mistakes and keep all accidents at bay. Accidents can be fatal too and more than you can imagine, slip, trip and fall accidents often are fatal.. Read more