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Understanding slip resistance test

People have heard of slip resistance testing, but they know very little about it. Many just know that it is a test that is done to check how slippery a floor is, but do they really know why this test is so important? Here you will get a better understanding of what slip resistance testing is and why it is very important.

Simply put

IN simple terms, slip resistance testing is the science of testing the coefficient of friction, or the resistance to slippage. The test is done on floors in various environments. Testing can be done in the lab or can be done on site.

Why it is important

This is a test that is important to people who own or manage buildings, especially if there has been an incident of a fall, or a near-fall. The owners are liable if the floor is found to be slippery and face litigation costs that can be astronomically high.

The other reason why a test is desired is because the falls can cause permanent damage to the victim. Compensation or no compensation, it is important that everyone who comes into a premise is safe at all times, so the owners have to make sure that their floors are safe at all times.

Methods of slip resistance testing

  • There are several methods of undertaking slip resistance testing and the most preferred are those that are done at the site. This is because they represent the real factors that affect the floor at that time. The Tortus test is used to test the floor when dry and involves the use of a slow machine with a rubber bottom which measures the friction of the dry floor.
  • The wet Pendulum test is used to test the floor when wet, where water is sprayed on a floor and the pendulum shoved across the floor. The boot will move the pendulum and give a reading on the friction of the floor.
  • The two methods above are done on the site, but there are also lab tests which are used to test flooring materials before they are installed. These are not very common to the public, since they are carried out mainly in the production phase of the design and manufacture of the flooring material. Nevertheless, the lab tests are also very important.

Knowing how to choose a slip resistance testing company is just as important as knowing what slip resistance is all about. The company you choose must be accredited by an accreditation organization. This will prove that they have met all national and government standards when it comes to testing floors for slipperiness.

You need to know about slip testing, its importance and also how to get a company that will do the job, and do it right. Call us now and we shall be happy to give you more information on slip resistance testing, its importance and then let us do the test for you.


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